Funding art since 1896, we are commited to invest in those artists who most radically push towards the emancipation of mankind.

From September 2019 onwards we are opening our funding to artists in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe.

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Our Focus for 2020 is:

Emancipatory Art, Establishing Alternative Narratives in Common Sense, Contingency, Shock Trooping the Status Quo, Post-Internet, Video, Performance, Sculpture.


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Funding Criteria:

We see the historic Avant-gardes as unfinished tasks. QUARTEL1205 is an institute for art in revolutionary time. We define revolutionary time in opposition to capitalist time: as capitalist time is linear and rational, foreseeable and matrixed, it is dead time; revolutionary time, on the contrary, is alive and happening. We try and help artists that see art as a revolutionary research program.

Since 1896, we have been funding artists in Brazil and South America, whose visions were just too much for bourgeois funding structures.

We look for risk-taking artists that do not aim for a fixed outcome, that work post-operaic or are interested in processes rather than final results. We look for people that push the boundaries of their artistic medium. We are interested in emancipatory content and see art as an autonomous process in relation to commodification. Therefore, we aim to support those who build autopoietic systems. The art we admire draws content from non-artistic practices and moves within an expanded field.

The art we are searching for negates.

It negates the tradition, the social context, while the producing artists negate themselves. Simultaneously, it acknowledges what it is negating. Our endeavor is to bring fresh thoughts and impulses to life that enable us to re-think society and establish a counter-hegemony against a suffocating white, male, heteronormative western hegemony. Funding is available to those who aim to establish counter-narratives in the common sense, away from a destructive, killer economic system that breeds war, hunger, elitism, inequality, social and ecological destruction.

We support activism, politically and socially driven post-constructivist work, art that builds a social sculpture, that ruptures thinking and feeling, radical art, live art.

Still we believe that something that is merely beautiful can have a great value for mankind and holds the potential to give a deciding input into society. We are not bound to any specific medium. We might fund an installation, give a working stipend or fund a film.

Applications should contain your idea, who you are and your motivations.

They should be kept short and precise and put together in one pdf. We believe that artists themselves have the soundest insights into the financial needs of their particular project. Based on your expertise we are going to work out an individual financial framework that matches your demands.

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Applicants will be contacted personally.

Who we are:

In the 1890s, São Paulo, Brazil was a destination of immigration from all over the world. The initiators of QUARTEL 1205 met in Bráz, after fleeing their home countries, be it Armenia, Russia, Syria, Japan, Italy or Germany. What they left behind was poverty, oppression and hopelessness. They soon realized that their aspiration towards a change in the larger socio-economic system was not unique. They united through a shared interest in finding strategies to construct society in forms that guarantee a good life for everyone. The group started meeting regularly close to the quartel in Bráz, while Brazil was struggling to find its way into the future. In 1888, Brazil had abolished slavery, and the circle was convinced that capitalism would be next. From 1896 onwards, the founders have been using their growing intellectual, monetary and social influence to invest in art and its production in a discrete and direct way. Political circumstances in Brazil made peer-driven and personal funding of radical arts more safe for us and our partners. In 2019, QUARTEL1205 decided to overthrow this policy and open our their grants as well as the whole institute to the public.

Our members share a common vision: That art can be a midwife for a social structure yet to be born, helping the transition to a post-capitalist society.

QUARTEL1205 has survived world wars and dictatorships and is always ready to take their work underground in case of being threatened. They will pursue these goals until our structure of living with each other is human-centered and not centered on the machine.


We at QUARTEL1205 perceive art and society seem to be in a fix, trapped in a post-idealist, post-utopian state tending to give in to utilitarianism and fascism. We see an urgent moral and civilian duty to stand up and fight…

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